My teaching portfolio reflects my interests in comparative politics, international relations, and research methods. Below is a list of the courses that I taught (or served as a lab instructor/teaching assistance). A summary of my course evaluations can be found here.


International Conflict Resolution (Spring 2022)

European Security (Spring 2022)

Research Methods in Social Sciences (Spring 2022)

Diplomatic Correspondence (Spring 2022)

International Politics (Fall 2021)

Foreign Policy Analysis (Fall 2021)

U.S. Foreign Policy (Fall 2021)

Political Ideologies (Fall 2021)

Terrorism & Conflict Resolution (Spring 2020)

Comparative Political Systems (Spring 2020, Fall 2019)

Introduction to International Relations (Spring 2020 , Fall 2019, Summer 2019 - Online)

​Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism (Spring 2019)

Lab Instructor

Introduction to Political Research (Fall 2018)

Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2017 ; Fall 2016)

Comparative Political Systems (Fall 2015)